Client Testimonials

  • Thomas & Kier

    "We were in excellent hands with Marco. This wasn’t an easy escrow; but through the various challenges Marco was there to answer all our questions and represented us EQUALLY as well through the process. We look forward to our continued relationship as we debut Canary House in early September."

  • Storm J.

    "For a lot of logistical reasons in selling our current assets, it has taken a while to get ready to close on a deal in Palm Springs.  John & Ryan have been the most patient and supportive you could imagine.  They have given so much of their time to show us properties, even when we were not yet ready to make a deal and have then searched out small nuisance size leases, in the interim, with the same professionalism and good humor, as if we were buying a $10,000,000 property.  John and Ryan believe in the long term relationship in working with their clients on their client's schedule.  They never push or complain.  We will be building a number of properties in in the next several years and will totally trust John & Ryan to represent us.  I like these guys as people and, something that I rarely could truth that they really want to work out things that benefit our needs instead of their own.   I can't recommend them highly enough.  They are both great guys as real estate agents and just guys who are so much fun to have a meal with."

  • Erin & Rob

    "I truly appreciate that you and Ryan continue to work hard for us. You've both been absolutely professional to work with and Rob and I both appreciate you so much. In our minds, you are the ONLY agents in Palm Springs :)"

  • Michael K.

    "We were very satisfied with the communication and level of professionalism our agent provided. Ryan was terrific through the whole long, arduous process (it was a short sale). All things considered, it took a little over an hour for him to find me the right place at the best price. He knew just what I wanted and this is all he showed me. Finding the right home was the easiest part of the process (though I know it can be the most arduous), especially since our communication up until the time we met was through phone and email (since I was 2700 miles away)."

  • Peggy A.

    "I can’t thank you enough for making my son's first quest for purchasing real estate an in depth educational process.   Not to mention how you always answer our questions; listen to our concerns; truly care about our needs; and put us back on track with a smile!  To me that is what High Quality Customer Service is all about."

  • Don G.,  Investor

    "You've been an absolute pro! And I don't give that kind of compliment to agents cuz most I've known are a-holes.  Great salesmen are nothing without great back up and that makes you a great team!"

  • Dorothy T.,  Executive Assistant to Donald Crevier - Crevier Classic Cars

    "Ryan, thank you for all your work on this project.  You were instrumental in completing this project.  Congrats to you on a job well done!"

  • Mandy M. & Steve L.

    "Thank you again for your opinion yesterday, your insight was very helpful.  Steve and I both respect your perspective so much and think you have a very nice balance between practicality and ambition."

  • Gib & Lowell

    Gib and I first thank you greatly for your understanding during those first days you met us and became our agent. You carted Gib all about Palm Springs while the other ‘Buyer’ was propped up and heavily medicated in a hotel room, with a remote in one hand and my phone in the other. Vagal nerve-based seizures are no fun. We came close to calling off the whole thing, getting a long-range rental PSP-SFO and going home once I was stabilized. NOT! Instead, Gib went looking with the realtor we hadn’t yet met and we’re sure glad he did!...

    Gib and I have a lot of history in Palm Springs with loved ones, celebrations and funerals, and we have desert-placed stories that help describe our marriage over 34 years. Just six months ago, Gib and I could barely deal with the present, much less our future; now, we’re practically in Palm Springs!


  • Travis T.

    "I have a feeling that Mr. Cummings is to be in my Real Estate life from now and wayyyyy into the distant future. You are absolutely fantastic at what you do. You totally read my mind and found exactly what I was looking for. Well done, Ryan!"

  • David L.

    “Working with Ryan Cummings and his team at the Brokerage Real Estate Group made my home sale an easy transition.  After living at my dream home for almost 10 years, it was time to downsize so I could make my life a little simpler.  From the beginning consultation, he shared his expert opinion and guided me on my next steps during the transition along with recommendations.  In a matter of 3 days after my home went on the market, I already had two offers on the place.  At that point, he immediately found me the perfect new home because he knew exactly what I was looking for in a new place.  My goal that I had set has been achieved and could not be happier with the outcome.”

  • Shawn S.

    "I would like to express my pleasure with real estate agents Ryan Cummings and John Moore, who are representing me on my current purchase of a single-family home.  Ryan and John have been outstanding agents and have guided me through this process beautifully.  They've acted and responded very efficiently in all matters and at lightning speed.   They are savvy, personable and have made me very confident in their ability and expertise in getting me into the house of my dreams.  I will highly recommend Ryan & John to everyone."

  • Brendan F.

    "Great team working here if you want to buy or rent.. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to help me or friends find the right neighborhood to live!!!"

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